Book Series

Anville Pack Series

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Macedo Ink Series

bookcover image for the book A Blood Moon shows a man and a woman standing on the image of moon, highlighted with a red tinted spotlight, about to dance
bookcover image for the book As Blood Rages shows a seated woman with a sexy red dress that bares her crossed legs, the train of the dress is draped in a river of silk flowing in front of her, while a man stands behind her in the shadows
bookcover image shows lady justice wielding scales and a sword dressed in a red dress with a red blindfold; her dress moves in a wind but she is standing in a dark room highlighted by rays of a light shining through a small window
bookcover image for book In Blood Lust shows a smokey room with a woman in a short red dress seated on a white sofa, her tanned crossed legs are positioned so one of her red stilettos is resting on a man lying on the floor under her feet


Independent Novels

bookcover image shows the eyes of a lion peering through an orange sunset over the Manhatten skyline
bookcover image shows a woman with a red-lined cape wearing a corset and pants standing outside a typical New Orleans brownstone corner house
bookcover image shows a dark skinned male with black rimmed eyes in the foregrounds of a settting sun, thunder clouds threaten with lightning arcing, a wolf appears out of the clouds